There is no better time than here and now to document the new wave of investment in Oakland. How will these changes impact Oakland? What will happen to Oakland’s diversity, culture and marginalized communities?

Oakland Here and Now (OHAN) aims to start this conversation.

In an effort to influence policy and preserve Oakland’s history and soul, our photos and film share the stories and perspectives of Oakland residents, nonprofit leaders, and city officials. 



I love shooting film because of the magic. From loading the film into the back of the camera, to manually rewinding it once the roll is complete, this ritual instantly slows everything down right from the beginning. It allows me to pay close attention to the details such as lighting and composition, which encourages me to feel my photographs as I am taking them more thoroughly.

The anticipation of waiting, sometimes weeks, to see the end result, has made me more patient. These are the magical moments that film provides for me and the project. Also shooting with a rangefinder, allows me to incorporate elements on the periphery. With a wider view; elements of the story unfold with feeling, allowing the viewer to connect. Of course, this is far more costly and time-consuming. Instant gratification takes a backseat.

With all of those challenges, I wanted to slow things down for the Oakland Here and Now project. Often, I feel as if I am missing moments when shooting digital; it can be a distraction, looking at my images constantly, taking me away from moments that tell the story, while fixated on the looking upon images that I have just made.

Film brings to an end the distractions that arise from subjects wanting to share the moment of looking at pictures. In this way, both photographer and subject can relax and allow life to happen.

Bryan Wiley, OHAN Director


Oakland is losing its communities and culture every day as businesses and housing close, ushering in new overpriced establishments forcing locals away from the city they call home. Your donations will help fund the completion of this project and keep Oakland’s traditions and diversity alive.